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Lifestyle Audio Video Interiors, Las Vegas aka: Lifestyle AVI is proud to announce that we have been chosen By PS Audio to be their first brick and mortar store to display the full line of PS Audio speakers and products in the United States.

The PS Audio speakers can offer you a lifetime journey of audio bliss, enabling you to listen to the music you love at the highest, and most breathtaking quality possible.

I, Greg Mahoney, Managing Partner, have been lobbying Paul and Scott McGowas to put on some PS Audio authorized dealers where the fabulous PS Audio FR speakers can be seen and heard.

Currently, Lifestyle AVI has on display a full BHK system and the FR30 PS Audio speakers. We will be adding the FR20s and FR10s soon along with the Stellar system.

The FR30 speaker is a full range, state of the art loudspeaker that has extraordinarily low distortion, seamless tonality, and effortless reproduction. In addition, it is modern and beautiful. This specific PS audio equipment represents a culmination of 50 years of industry experience.

After learning what works and what does not work, the PS Audio FR30 leaves you with only the sound of the music. The cabinet of the speaker does not color the sound, and the near flat impedance curve helps to drive the power.

Not even the most advanced driver manufacturer’s products are good enough to meet our standards, like designing woofers, tweeters, radiators, and midranges from scratch.

You will easily be able to see how the FR30 speaker will go beyond your expectations, and you no longer have to compromise.

The FR20 loudspeaker is the perfect size speaker for any room. A smaller loudspeaker than the FR30, the FR20 does not disappoint. It has all the same features as the FR30, but the only difference is, it is not as large and can fit in any room.

Our most compact loudspeaker yet is the FR10, and the expectations are still the same. The FR10 is breathtaking to listen to, aesthetically pleasing, and fits in any size. The bass will truly surprise you.

PS Audio speakers and equipment

The PS Audio speakers prices range from lower to higher, depending on if you choose the FR10, FR20, or FR30 loudspeaker.

We look forward to hosting potential customers for listening sessions.

You can expect nothing but the best when it comes to out FR PS Audio speakers. The quality of the FR30, FR20, and FR10 loudspeakers will not disappoint.

Our hours of operations are Monday thru Saturday from 9AM to 5PM or by appointment.

Call Greg at 702-524-9618 for further information regarding the PS Audio prices or for more information on PS Audio speakers for sale..

Download our pricing guide or contact us today to schedule your consultation for PS Audio speakers

Lifestyle AVI does its best to accurately represent manufacturer pricing, but is not responsible for price changes. Manufacturer pricing is subject to change without notice.

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